Traditional & Undercover Consulting Services:
We help clients drive top line revenue and bottom line savings by leveraging 20+ years of experience, including Big 4 Consulting experience. Our consultants have a successful track record of adding value for household name companies.

Do you have an acute issue that needs to be addressed immediately but you don’t have the internal staff to handle it? Is there an area of your business that needs to be transformed? Do you think you could be doing better but you don’t know where to start? These are all great reasons to contact our Traditional Consulting Services, the heart of our service offering.

Undercover Boss® on CBS is all the rage on TV right now. Our experience tells us there is a good reason for that. From “secret shoppers” in retail customer service to new “employees” (our consultants) planted into any area of your business, we provide the ability to get a first-hand look at how your company REALLY executes.

We can find out how your customers are being treated, identify and document deviation from standard operating procedures and more importantly, identify best practices and ideas from your employees that can be harnessed to improve your entire operation and, if applicable, shared across your multiple locations.

Finest Kind Dispensary Services™
Our monthly subscription model provides a quick, easy, affordable opportunity to get a talented member of our team, on site in your dispensary to help solve your toughest business problems.

Additional features of membership include:
• Dispensary Report Card™ – a comprehensive capability maturity assessment in each of the 5 pillars of our offering: 1) Strategy, 2) Sales & Marketing, 3) Regulations Compliance, 4) Operations, 5) Finance
• Dispensary Vision Quest™  – a half-day business strategy workshop on site with your leadership team to develop company purpose, vision, values, mission, and goals based on your individual business culture.
• 3P-PMO™ – Third Party Project Management Office, the core of our offering, Finest Kind will act as your external PMO to identify, initiate, and implement improvement projects important to your business. Based on the results of your report card and goals identified in the leadership session, we will sit down with you and decide which area of your business to focus on first, second, and third…then we will work with your team and drive the improvement initiative to completion.
• Sherpa Sesh™  – once a month, you will be provided exclusive access to a webinar hosted by a Subject Matter Expert or an Industry Leaders who will present and answer your questions on one of many relevant topics among the 5 pillars.
• Members Only Access – your key to exclusive Finest Kind Dispensary Services™ Members Only page on with insider tips, free report library, members chat site to learn about the newest trends and share best practices, and more.
• Phat Phone™ – Our take on the “bat phone” – gives you a number to call in any business emergency. You will connect with a skilled and experienced member of our team to help you out in a crisis – we are always here for you!
• Quarterly Coffee House Mixers™ – Once a quarter, Finest Kind will host a “local” networking event to encourage leaders from all of our clients to get together and share their stories, learn about a new topic, and have some fun!

Strategic Alliances & Investor Matchmaking:
As a small firm, it is crucial that Cannabiz Trusted Advisors, LLC makes strategic alliances with key partners that can augment client services by bringing skills and experience outside of our core competencies. In return, we will provide them functional expertise in Business Strategy, Marketing, Operations, and Finance.

Many of our clients likely wish to collaborate with others inside and outside of the Cannabis Industry, as well. The right strategic partner can BOTH round out your customer offerings AND solve some of your toughest business problems. Using our contacts we will make recommendations for Strategic Alliances wherever they will add value for our clients.

From friendly introductions to rigorous vendor selections, we will get you the best match for your company, someone your people feel comfortable with who meets all of your functional and technical requirements.
We offer Investor Matchmaking to our clients, as well.

Several of our clients are likely to request funding for their ideas or seek a buyer for they build their businesses or prepare an exit strategy. In any case, Cannabiz Trusted Advisors, LLC is excited to work with our clients to get them funded or match them with a buyer for their business.

We are devoted to a long-term strategy in the industry and we are solemnly dedicated to getting our clients the best deals possible.